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Unifi Loans: 2024 Review | Apply Online

Unifi Loans: 2024 Review | Apply Online

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These days, you don’t need to go to the bank to get a loan, which is why lenders like Unifi Credit exist. In a nutshell, Unifi offers fast, simple personal loans. With Unifi, you can get “trusted, online loans” in a smarter, faster, and easier way. You can find out more about Unifi loans by reading the rest of this article.

WHO IS Unifi?

Unifi SA is a financial services company, not a bank. According to Unifi’s mission statement, the company exists to deliver smarter, easier, and faster unsecured lending solutions to underserved markets across Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Unifi also operates in other countries in Sub-saharan Africa, including Uganda, Kenya, and Zambia. The microfinance company is privately held and was incorporated in September 2010. 


  • Loan amounts start from R2000 up to R8000
  • Six months to pay – short term loan
  • 100% digital lending platform
  • APR ranges from 104% to 212% (interest + fees + other charges)


✔️ Easy 5-minute online application form

✔️ Same-day approval

✔️ Personal support from Unifi’s customer service team


❌ Only available to formally employed South Africans

❌ The total cost of the loan is relatively high

❌ The lender only offers small loans and short repayment periods


Although Unifi has several features that could be improved upon, the best thing about this lender is that they keep things quick and simple. You can apply online anytime and get the cash you need on the same day without meetings, papers, or queues. 


Unifi Credit offers short term loans with a maximum loan repayment period of six months. Qualified borrowers can apply online and get same-day approval (R2000- R8000) with minimal hassle.


  • Are formally employed
  • Need between R2000 and R8000 quickly
  • Can pay off the money within six months

Full Unifi Personal Loans Review

Here’s a detailed explanation of Unifi loans.

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✅ Need a Loan?

Pros Explained

Fast, simple personal loans. Loans from Unifi Credit are easy and convenient. Unifi aims to make life easier with trusted online loans and a 5-minute application process that will not add to your stress when you have an emergency. The good news is that Unifi offers flexible repayment options of up to 6 months.

Apply and get cash on the same day. You’ll get an answer immediately once you complete the quick online application form. If you qualify, you receive money in your bank account on the same day. Remember, Unifi only offers unsecured loans, so you don’t need collateral or security.

You can still enjoy personalised service. Even though Unify loans are 100% online, you can still get in touch via email or phone if you need personalised service.

Cons Explained

You’ll need to be employed. Unifi requires you to be formally employed with a monthly salary. You’ll have to show proof of income to qualify. This helps to reduce the lender’s risk since you’re more likely to repay the loan if you have a reliable source of income.

High APRs. Interest rates for payday loans are typically high. Here’s an example loan from Unifi: If you borrow R8000 at an interest rate of 3% and choose a repayment term of 6 months, your monthly repayment will be R1 875.14, total repayment will be R11 250.84, representing an APR of 104%. 

This includes an initiation fee of R1380 and a monthly fee of R69.00. But, the APR can be as high as 212%, so be sure to understand how much your loan will cost before signing on the dotted line.

Loan amounts and terms are not as flexible. For example, Unifi offers R2000 to R8000, payable over one month, three months, and six months only. Thus, this may not be the best option to consolidate debt or purchase large items. It’s more suitable for short-term needs. 

How Does Unifi Work?

You’ll need to set up an online profile to access Unifi Credit. This is easy since all you need is your ID number which will act as a unique username that gives you access to your credit profile. 

To get a loan, Unifi requires your personal and banking details for verification purposes and so that the lender knows where to send the money. You may also be asked for your income and expenses info, i.e., how much you earn and how much you spend monthly. 

The lender will perform a credit check to ensure you can afford the loan. Once you receive the money, the next step is paying it back. Unifi makes online loans even safer with DebiCheck, making it easier to pay back your debt automatically via a debit order agreement with Unifi Credit.

Is Unifi a Safe and Trusted Option?

Unifi is an NCR registered credit provider and works according to the strict guidelines set out by the National Credit Regulator. In addition, the digital lending platform has robust security systems and checks to protect against cybersecurity threats.

The microfinance company has expanded quickly in South Africa with plans to make life easy for 1 million clients by 2025. Unifi loans reviews are also mostly positive, and you should take the time to read these reviews, so you can apply with more peace of mind.

How to Apply for a Unifi Loan

What You Need to Qualify

  • Employment You should be formally employed and paid monthly
  • A bank account – Unifi needs you to have a valid South African bank account in your name. This should be the same bank account where you receive your salary. At the time of writing, Unifi only supports the following bank accounts: ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Capitec Bank, Nedbank, and African Bank.
  • Proof of income You can upload your latest payslip or automatically get your latest bank statement via online banking. 
  • Your cellphone – Provide a valid South African mobile number so Unifi team members can contact you.

Unifi Loan Application Process 

Unifi loans online applications are quick and simple. Follow these steps to apply for a loan with Unifi Credit.

Step 1: Complete the quick online loan application

First, verify that you have everything you need to qualify before applying. Next, choose your loan amount and repayment period, making sure that you can afford the monthly loan repayments. Provide your ID number as part of the Unifi loans registration process and click “Apply.”

Step 2: Provide proof of income

You must show proof of income to complete your Unifi online application. The first option is to upload the required documents manually or through TruID. TruID is a trusted, secure platform that lets you share your bank statements, transaction history, and other relevant information with Unifi for verification purposes.

Step 3: Get cash straight into your account

Unifi offers same-day approval, meaning you’ll receive money in your bank account within minutes or at least on the same day you apply.

Unifi Loans Contact Details

📌Unifi contact number: +27 21 110 0600 (loan enquiries) OR +27 21 111 0888 (corporate enquiries)

📌Email address: (loan enquiries) OR (corporate enquiries)


Other Loans Like Unifi

If you’re looking for other loans like Unifi, you probably need a short-term online loan. Let’s look at three lenders that offer this type of loan.

  • Wonga Loans – Wonga is a popular online lender. New customers qualify for a maximum of R4000 with three months to repay, while existing customers qualify for up to R8000 with a maximum loan term of 6 months.
  • Lime Loans – Lime loans may be less flexible, but they can work if you need between R300 and R5400, which you can pay back within seven weeks.
  • FASTA Loans – With FASTA, you can get R800 up to R8000 and choose a loan term of 1, 2, or 3 months only.


How long does it take to receive money from Unifi?

Similar question: How long does Unifi take to pay out?
Unifi promises same-day approval, and cash is sent straight to your bank account in as little as minutes once approved.

What does Unifi credit do?

Unifi Credit is a microfinance company that offers fast, simple personal loans to formally employed people in South Africa and other countries like Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia. In South Africa, Unifi loans are 100% online and range from R2000 to R8000 with loan terms of 1, 3, or 6 months.

What documents are needed for Unifi?

You’ll need to upload your latest bank statements or payslips. However, this is not always necessary since you can choose the instant document upload option when asked for proof of income. With this option, you can automatically share your proof of income via TruID and get your cash faster.

How to pay Unifi loans?

Money will be automatically deducted from your account every month, according to the details of your debit order agreement with Unifi.

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