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Atlas Finance Loans: 2024 Review | Apply Online

Atlas Finance Loans: 2024 Review | Apply Online

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Atlas Finance loans are the perfect option for borrowers looking for fast cash and an easy online application. 

In this in-depth expert review, we’ll break down how Atlas loans work, the advantages and the disadvantages, plus more to help you decide if it’s the right loan for you.

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✅ How Much Do You Need?


Atlas Finance is a registered credit provider and an authorised financial services provider in South Africa. The company is family run and was founded in 1994. It specialises in quick loans in-person or online. 

The provider also offers a range of financial services, such as insurance, debt review clearance, and cross-border money transfers. Atlas Finance is an active member of the MFSA, which is the representative body of registered and legal microfinance credit providers.


  • Loan amount: Cash loans of R500 up to R8000 
  • Loan term: 1 to 6 month payment period
  • Interest rate: 0.17% per day up to 5% per month
  • Availability: 240+ branches across all nine provinces


If you borrow R2,500 over 3 months, the total cost of the loan will be R3,445.46. That means you have to pay interest and fees of R945.46 on top of the original loan amount. The costs include a monthly service fee of R60 plus 15% VAT and an initiation fee of 15% on the first R1000, plus 10% thereafter and 15% VAT. Interest is charged at 0.17% daily. You also have to pay customer protection insurance, which is 0.55% of the total loan amount.


✔️ Convenient cash loans online

✔️ Flexible repayment terms

✔️ Short term loans & cash loan benefits

✔️ Bad credit borrowers may apply

✔️ Foreigners and domestic workers can apply


❌ Longer processing times


Atlas Finance is a top option when it comes to alternative lenders that cater to borrowers underserved by traditional lending institutions. It has flexible lending criteria and a user-friendly online platform to ensure easy access to loans for South Africans. 


Atlas Finance short term loans are fast, flexible, and available 100% online.


  • Are looking for an online lender that also has physical branches
  • Have trouble getting a loan from a traditional banking institution
  • Prefer dealing with an established micro-lender

Full Atlas Finance Personal Loans Review

Let’s dive deep into the workings of Atlas Finance loans in South Africa.

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Pros Explained

Easy online loans. Atlas Finance is a loans online provider that makes it easy for South Africans to get credit. Atlas Finance loans have a quick and hassle-free application process. The Atlas Finance team is also available if you need assistance with your online loan application.

Loan cover offers extra benefits. Atlas Finance short term loans and cash loan benefits include loan cover, funeral cover, grocery coupons, legal advice, ambulance benefit, and more. That means borrowers can get more value from a financial services provider in one place.

Short term loans with flexible repayment options. Atlas Finance payday loans have short term repayment periods. But they’re more flexible than traditional payday loans, which are typically due on your next pay date. Atlas Finance provides instant payday loans of up to a month. Short term loans have a 61 to 180 day repayment term.

Borrowers with low credit scores may qualify. The lender acknowledges that every borrower’s finances are unique. While there are no specific Atlas Finance blacklisted loans, you can still apply if you don’t have a perfect credit history. The lender will assess your affordability and credit score, and there’s a chance you might qualify.

Loans for foreigners and domestic workers available. Atlas Finance loans are also available to foreign workers with a work permit and a reliable income. This lender also offers a one-of-a-kind product designed for domestic workers, both housekeepers and gardeners.

Cons Explained 

Processing times have room for improvement. While Atlas Finance offers quick loans and fast cash, the lender says it can take up to 48 hours to get a response after you submit your online loan application. In addition, once approved, it can take 24–48 hours for Atlas Finance to transfer the funds. This is something that could be improved because borrowers are almost always looking to get money in their bank account in the shortest time possible. 

How Does Atlas Finance Work?

Atlas Finance personal loans are available up to R8000, but the lender does not provide business or vehicle loans. Here’s a quick breakdown of financial products available from Atlas Finance:

  • Cash loans & short term loans. Atlas Finance offers cash loans and short term loans from R500 to R8000 over 1–6 months. These are available online and at all branches countrywide.
  • Domestic worker loans. Domestic workers (housekeepers and gardeners) can apply for cash loans of up to R4000 with up to 4 months to pay. All you need to apply for a Domestic Worker loan from Atlas Finance is your ID/passport, bank card, and 3 months bank statements.
  • Loan consolidation. This provider can help you consolidate your debt and reduce your monthly payments to improve your cash flow. 
  • Debt review clearance. The company also has an expert team to help you navigate the debt review process. Clearance specialists can make arrangements to ensure you have a flexible repayment plan that works for your needs. 
  • Cross border transfers. Atlas Finance can also be your one-stop shop to take a loan and send money across the South African border.

Is Atlas Finance a Safe and Trusted Option?

Atlas Finance is a legitimate lender operating in South Africa since 1994, with more than 240 branches across the country. The provider practices responsible lending and grants loans based on your affordability and credit score. 

That said, it’s always a good idea to do your own research and check Atlas Finance loans reviews online to make an informed decision on whether this option is best for you.

How to Apply for an Atlas Finance Loan

Learn more about Atlas Finance loan requirements and how to complete the Atlas Finance online loan application.

What You Need to Qualify

  • Latest payslip.
  • Bank statements from the last three months.
  • A copy of your South African ID/Passport/Work Permit (Foreigners)
  • You can also use a valid temporary ID + a valid driver’s licence

Atlas Finance Loan Application Process 

» Step One: Click Apply and fill in the cash loan online application form on any device.

» Step Two: Upload the required proof of documents. Atlas Finance will run a quick credit check before getting back to you.

» Step Three: Once you accept your loan offer, the money will be paid directly to you.

You can also visit various Atlas Finance branches across the country to complete the Atlas Finance loan application process.

Atlas Finance Loans Contact Details

📌Atlas Finance loans contact number: 0800 204 679


Other Loans Like Atlas Finance

Looking for loans like Atlas Finance? You can check out these digital cash loan options:

  • Boodle Loans. Boodle is another lender offering loans for R500–R8000 for up to 6 months.
  • Wonga Loans. With Wonga, you can qualify for R500–R4000 with 3 months to repay. Existing customers qualify for up to R8000 with 6 months to repay.
  • Unifi Loans. Unifi provides quick cash loans up to R8000 over 1, 3, 6 months.


Does Atlas Finance assist with loans to debt review clients?

Atlas Finance does not offer loans for debt review clients. However, this lender has a team of skilled clearance specialists who can help you remove the debt review flag from your credit profile. Once the debt review removal process is complete, you should be able to qualify for new credit.

Can I get an Atlas Finance top up loan?

Yes, if you have already taken an Atlas Finance loan, there’s an additional option for a top up loan should you need extra cash.

What percentage does Atlas Finance ask on their loans?

Atlas Finance loans have an annual percentage rate (APR) of between 36% to 60%. The interest rate is 0.17% per day up to 5% per month.

Does Atlas Finance do one month loans?

Yes, this lender offers instant payday loans for up to a month. You can also opt for short term loans of up to 6 months.

Can I qualify for a loan with my SASSA grant?

No – you need a payslip and 3 months bank statements to qualify for a loan with Atlas Finance.

Watch Video: Atlas Finance Easy Apply Loans Up to R8000

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